Patients Helping Patients

John has been a Cannabis Advocate since 1995, when he worked Washington State Hemp Initiative projects to legalize marijuana in that state. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Political Economics and Electrical Engineering, John first began working in the Cannabis industry in 2001, when he managed the Aiko Dispensary in Santa Rosa on Fourth Street.

Known for his extraordinary compassion, John initiated the practice of “Patients helping patients” as the guiding principle for the company. Our award-winning customer service model is a combination of respect, patience and Southern hospitality.

Education is a Top Priority

With degrees in Psychology and Education from Sonoma State University, Jewel’s introduction to the Cannabis industry came when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

Having heard and then researched the benefits of Cannabis as part of cancer treatment, Jewel was shocked to find dog-hair in one of the products she purchased. This galvanized her interest in being an activist for medical Cannabis and to speak at events and conferences.

She met John Sugg in 2007 and has been at the core of Sonoma Patient Group ever since. Jewel is also an accomplished “Five Rhythms” teacher and published poet.

We Don’t Ration Our Compassion

Educated at Sonoma State University, Leanne began her career in the Cannabis industry as a grower and caregiver in 1995. She joined Sonoma Patient Group in 2008, and has extensive experience in creating concentrate and edible preparations.

Leanne is known for her extraordinary care, thoroughness, and knowledge in helping our clients find the exact formula to help them with their particular situation.

She also appreciates how all the Sonoma Patient Group staff seem to operate as a family—with each having unique knowledge and background to help our customers with unique and evolving individual situations.

Knowledge Empowers Customers

A native of Santa Rosa, Nicole is a second-generation Cannabis grower in Sonoma County. She has experience beyond her years in cultivation as well as extensive concentrate and edible knowledge. Nicole first joined Sonoma Patient Group in 2008, as a budtender and medical records specialist.

Nicole has firsthand experience with many aspects of the Cannabis community. She is particularly passionate about promoting the use of Cannabis as a treatment for many conditions.

Over the years, she has worked very closely with Cannabis and has used her passion to help better the lives of many people.

Experience Matters

A fourth-generation native of Santa Rosa, Fred operates four paint stores in Santa Rosa and Sonoma. His family vineyard has produced grapes with the dry farming method for more than 30 years.

Fred has grown Cannabis since his youth.

His other interests including biking, surfing and motorcycle racing. Fred’s band, The Smokin’ Volcanoes, has entertained at Sonoma Patient Group events through the years.